08 February 2012

Taschen Art and Collector's Editions

Taschen Art & Collector's Editions
Taschen Art & Collector's Editions
Taschen Art & Collector's Editions: An Art Book Exhibition opened at the Serindia Gallery in Bangkok on 2nd February, and will close on 15th April. The exhibition features a selection of culture and architecture books published by Taschen, including a signed copy of Steve Shapiro's Taxi Driver monograph.

Taschen's catalogue includes some of the world's greatest art books, though they've become synonymous with rather risque material since publishing their (initially censored) Jeff Koons monograph. They're probably my favourite publisher, because they celebrate high and low culture equally. Also, unlike most other publishers, Taschen continue to produce lavish editions that highlight the value of printed hardback books.

Taschen's Napoleon is the largest and most expensive book I own. Their other titles include 100 All-Time Favorite Movies, Some Like It Hot, Modern Architecture A-Z, Photographers A-Z, Letter Fountain, Horror Cinema, Art Cinema, Cinema Now, A History Of Advertising, Trespass, Film Noir, Atlas Maior, Harmonia Macrocosmica, Chronicle Of The World 1493, Codices Illustres, The Eiffel Tower, Fashion, The World Of Ornament, The Complete Costume History, Atlas Of Human Anatomy & Surgery, Decorative Arts From The Middle Ages To The Renaissance, Architectural Theory From The Renaissance To The Present, Art Now, Industrial Design A-Z, Design Of The 20th Century, Architecture In The 20th Century, and 20th Century Art.

Their directors series includes introductory books on Stanley Kubrick (Visual Poet) and Alfred Hitchcock (Architect Of Anxiety), and their books Sculpture: From The Renaissance To The Present Day, The Stanley Kubrick Archives, Leonardo da Vinci: The Complete Paintings & Drawings, Michelangelo: Complete Works, Picasso, and Andres Serrano: America & Other Works are definitive surveys.