Sunday, 10 January 2010

Time Out Film Guide 2010

Time Out Film Guide 2010
The eighteenth edition of the Time Out Film Guide (labelled 2010 though published last year) contains 500 new capsule film reviews, edited by John Pym (who took over from Tom Milne), and written by distinguished critics including Gilbert Adair, Jonathan Rosenbaum, and Mark Kermode.

18,500 films are reviewed in total, mostly taken from Time Out magazine's London cinema listings. While two other annual guides (Radio Times Guide To Films and VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever) include more reviews, they are largely restricted to mainstream films, in contrast to Time Out's unique emphasis on arthouse cinema. Time Out is also the only major guide to resist star-ratings. Unfortunately, though, its thematic index has now been discontinued. (As a substitute, VideoHound includes extensive thematic indexes; the excellent Halliwell's Film Guide has apparently ceased publication, after its awful Movies That Matter edition.)

This new edition reviews thirty-six films which were screened at Cannes last year - including Antichrist ("as wildly implausible as it is provocatively gruesome"), Broken Embraces ("self-reflective melodrama"), Inglourious Basterds ("wild and childish revisionist revenge fantasy"), and Enter The Void ("swirling camerawork, hallucinatory sense of real time and narrative maelstrom of sex, drugs and death") - though they are not yet incorporated into the main alphabetical reviews section.

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Crumbs said...

Who is the person on the cover?

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It's Paul Newman.