27 July 2010

Indy Spirit Project

Indy Spirit Project
This evening, indie director Apichatpong Weerasethakul introduced a selection of his short films at MBK's SF Cinema City, Bangkok, for an event titled Indy Spirit Project. Six films were screened:

Luminous People
(previously shown at Traces Of Siamese Smile)

My Mother's Garden
(animated line-drawings of plants and animals, and close-up images of exotic jewellery)

(sunlight streaming through a window, producing an abstract strobing effect)

Ghost Of Asia
(previously shown at Apichatpong On Video Works)

(previously shown at Tomyam Pladib)

(previously shown at Bangkok Bananas)

Several of the films were screened at various events in 2008. Luminous People and Morakot were both shown at the Thai Film Archive's Save The Film, and Ghost Of Asia and Morakot were both screened at The Jim Thompson Art Center.

Apichatpong explained the inspirations behind each film, and there was a brief Q&A session. As in Syndromes & A Century and Uncle Boonmee, two of this evening's films included tributes to the director's parents: drawings of plants in My Mother's Garden, and a recreation of the scattering of his father's ashes in Luminous People.