17 July 2010

Sawasdee Bangkok

Sawasdee Bangkok
Sawasdee Bangkok, an anthology of nine short films inspired by Paris, Je T'Aime, will be broadcast on Thai PBS television over the next month. The film's premiere at the 2009 Bangkok International Film Festival was an invitation-only event, so the TPBS broadcasts mark Sawasdee Bangkok's first public presentation. Each segment presents a different view of the city, from nine different Thai directors:

(a travelogue in which two villagers visit the capital to photograph the sights of the city; directed by Bandit Rittakol, broadcast on 19th July)

(a man describes Bangkok as a mythical paradise, to console a blind woman; directed by Wisit Sasanatieng, broadcast on 20th July)

(an old man sees a young guitarist and remembers his time as a rock singer; directed by Ruethaiwan Wongsirasawasdi, broadcast on 26th July)

(an obnoxious young woman's car breaks down after she drives home from a nightclub, featuring Nopachai Jayanama from Nymph; directed by Pen-ek Ratanaruang, broadcast on 27th July)

Bangkok Blues
(a man argues with his ex-girlfriend, and his friend records the ambient sounds of a deserted playground; directed by Aditya Assarat, broadcast on 2nd August)

(an ironic guide to the trivialities and daily rituals of life in the city; directed by Prachya Pinkaew, broadcast on 3rd August)

(a romantic drama set in a high school, like the same director's Love Of Siam; directed by Chookiat Sakveerakul, broadcast on 9th August)

(interviews with colourful and diverse economic migrants, like the same director's documentary Crying Tigers; directed by Santi Taepanich, broadcast on 10th August)

(a prostitute's disturbing past is revealed, while her client becomes emotionally attached; directed by Kongdej Jaturanrasamee, broadcast on 16th August)

The poster image comes from Wisit's film, in which Bangkok is briefly depicted as a fantastical landscape complete with flying kinnarees. The films are subject to the usual Thai TV restrictions ('offensive' language is muted, and 'objectionable' images are pixelated), which is ironic as Prachya's documentary criticises media censorship.

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Unknown said...

Sawasdee Bangkok is an inspiration to all of us who love the City of Angels.

We tend to get bogged down in the veneer. Sawasdee Bangkok reminds us of why we live here.

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