05 July 2016


La Dame A La Collerette
The exhibition 3/๓๓ opened at Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center in Bangkok on 24th June, and runs until 17th July. Only three artworks are included, though they are all by major European modern artists: Pablo Picasso, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and David Hockney.

A five-minute video is projected at the entrance to the exhibition, and viewing it is obligatory: an attendant asks us to watch the video, and "then I will take you to the masterpiece room." As we are escorted into the gallery, another attendant reminds us: "This is the masterpiece room. Please don't take photos".

What treasures await us inside? Unfortunately, the exhibition is an anticlimax. The three works are hardly masterpieces, and they are not even paintings. They are all prints: a Picasso linocut, and Renoir and Hockney lithographs. The Picasso print is La Dame A La Collerette, which was previously shown (without all this unjustified fanfare) at The Art Of Time in 2008.