23 March 2016


In 2014, Anne and Julien curated the exhibition Tatoueurs, Tatoues, the first museum survey of the history of tattooing. The exhibition catalogue, Tattoo, is arguably the only book featuring equal coverage of ancient tattoos, twentieth-century tattoo culture, and contemporary tattooing.

Like Decorated Skin (by Karl Groning) and The World Of Tattoo, Tattoo discusses tribal tattooing from around the world. Tattoo covers Japan, Native America, Europe, Polynesia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Thailand, and China, with essays by experts on regional tattooing such as Lars Krutak, Luc Renaut, Joe Cummings, Michael McCabe, and Jerome Pierrat. The World Of Tattoo and Decorated Skin have additional chapters on Africa, India, and South America. Like The World Of Tattoo, Tattoo has an extensive bibliography.

The catalogue also covers tattooing in the modern era, with chapters on sideshows, prison tattoos, and tattooing in the military. The tattoo renaissance in San Francisco and New York (first documented by Arnold Rubin in Marks Of Civilization) is represented by interviews with Don Ed Hardy (from Modern Primitives, by Andrea Juno and V Vale) and Lyle Tuttle, and correspondence from Sailor Jerry.

Tattoo's illustrations are similarly wide-ranging, "retracing the ancient nature, ubiquity and diversity of forms of tattooing as well as the wealth and aesthetic quality of contemporary works." Antique decorated skulls and tattooed skin fragments are followed by contemporary tattoo designs rendered on realistic silicone replicas of human body parts. (The History Of Tattooing was the first historical study of the subject, and 100 Years Of Tattoos is a visual history of modern tattooing.)