05 May 2009

Quote of the day...

Quote of the day

“Another core leader, Phipob Thonghcai, said earlier that under “new politics” there would be land reform so that every Thai citizen would own a piece of land and be able to make a living. He cited the case of North Korea, saying that although the country is poor and its people are starving, the North Koreans can pride themselves in owning a small piece of land.”
Bangkok Post

Phipob Thongchai, one of the leaders of the PAD, gave a glimpse of the movement’s social policies, citing the dictatorship of North Korea as a model to aspire towards (quoted by Veera Prateepchaikul in today’s Bangkok Post). Previous quotes of the day: the ICT Minister openly admits to violating the Computer Crime Act, and a Ministry of Culture official dismisses Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s entire œvre at a single stroke.