11 October 2007

Quote of the day...

Quote of the day

“Nobody goes to see films by Apichatpong... Thai people want to see comedy. We like a laugh.”
— Ladda Tangsupachai

Welcome to an occasional new Dateline Bangkok feature: ‘quote of the day’, a series of I-can’t-believe-they-said-that quotes from Thailand. The inaugural example is from Ministry of Culture official Ladda Tangsupachai, who was interviewed by Simon Montlake in Time magazine’s Asian edition. (The magazine is dated 22nd October, though the article was published online today.)

Ladda (who justified the banning of Bangkok Inside Out last year) dismissed the work of Thailand’s most acclaimed filmmaker, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, in a single stroke. She also described Thai filmgoers as “Uneducated”, adding for good measure: “They’re not intellectuals—that’s why we need ratings”.