10 April 2008

Syndromes & A Century
(Thailand's Edition)

Syndromes & A Century: Thailand's Edition
Following the Thai censorship of his film Syndromes & A Century, Apichatpong Weerasethakul has agreed to present a censored version of the film (Thailand's Edition) for Thai audiences. It will be screened at Paragon Cineplex, starting today (preceded by a panel discussion with Apichatpong at 6pm), for the next fortnight.

Silent leader footage will be projected in place of the censored scenes, to draw attention to the censorship of the film. In a stroke of genius, each ticket comes with a free Syndromes & A Century postcard, which features photographs of the censored scenes and links to YouTube where the censored footage can be seen, thus making a mockery of the censor's decision.

Infamously, Ladda Tangsupachai, the director of the Ministry of Culture's Cultural Surveillance Department, once said: "Nobody goes to see films by Apichatpong. Thai people want to see comedy. We like a laugh."