09 September 2023

Blade Runner

Blade Runner

Ridley Scott’s dystopian science-fiction classic Blade Runner will be shown next month at House Samyan in Bangkok. The film has been released in five different versions: the workprint, the US theatrical cut (with a studio-imposed happy ending), the international theatrical cut (with slightly more violence), the director’s cut (with a unicorn dream sequence), and the 2007 ‘final cut’ (with some CGI enhancements).

House Samyan will show the 2007 version on 6th, 7th, and 8th October. (The screenings are organised by Doc Club and Pub.) Blade Runner was previously shown at Bangkok Screening Room in 2017, at the Jam Café in 2019, and at Arcadia this year. (In fact, the film inspired much of Arcadia’s décor and branding.)

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House Samyan: https://www.housesamyan.com/site/Movie/detail/1025

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