05 August 2022

Material Gworrllllllll!

Material Gworrllllllll! Finally Enough Love

Madonna and rapper Saucy Santana have collaborated on a remix of his song Material Girl, which was, of course, inspired by Madonna’s classic 1985 single. Their new single, retitled Material Gworrllllllll!, is released on streaming platforms today, accompanied by an animated video. They previously performed it at Terminal Five in New York on 23rd June.

The Terminal Five show was titled Finally Enough Love, which is also the title of Madonna’s new dance remix album. Available on vinyl and CD, it features edited remixes of Madonna’s dance singles from throughout her career, though no new material. The title is a line from the lyrics to I Don’t Search I Find, from her Madame X album. (You Can Dance, her previous dance remix compilation, was released in 1987.)

The Finally Enough Love track list is: Everybody, Into the Groove, Like a Prayer, Express Yourself, Vogue, Deeper and Deeper, Secret, Frozen, Music, Hollywood, Hung Up, Give It 2 Me, Girl Gone Wild, Living for Love, Medellín, and I Don’t Search I Find.