23 January 2016

Roboticlism From Unconscious Mind

Roboticism From Unconscious Mind
Love Machine II
Roboticism From Unconscious Mind
After Carnivalism and Gagasmicism, Thai art has a new 'ism': Roboticlism, a concept devised by Noshpash Chaturongkagul. Noshpash's exhibition Roboticlism From Unconscious Mind opened at Jamjuree Art Gallery in Bangkok on 15th January.

According to the exhibition catalogue, "Roboticlism is represented by robotic machines, mechanical armor, monsters and various creatures." Noshpash's oil paintings do indeed depict robots and monsters, though they are inspired by creatures from Thai mythology such as garudas and dragons. One of these creations, shown in Love Machine II (2014), is a monstrous insect with a vagina dentata.

In addition to the paintings, the Roboticlism concept also encompasses performance (Noshpash sits on a painted throne throughout the exhibition), comic art (a Garuda Lord comic is included in the exhibition catalogue), and graphics (a logo and the theory behind its design). The exhibition will close on 2nd February.