16 November 2014

Thai Charisma

Thai Charisma
Angel Angel
Thai Charisma: Heritage + Creative Power will close today at BACC in Bangkok. (The exhibition opened on 29th August.) [BACC seems to favour '+' rather than '&' in exhibition titles, as in Traces Of Siamese Smile: Art + Faith + Politics + Love.]

Thai Charisma features thirty-eight artefacts from the vaults of the Fine Arts Department, juxtaposed with new works by nineteen contemporary artists. The Fine Arts pieces include an impressive 12th century stone Buddha and Naga statue, and a collection of Bronze Age Ban Chiang pots decorated with abstract patterns. Prasert Yodkaew's sculpture Angel (2012, an eight-armed Buddha holding a cage containing a dead fish and frog) is one of the contemporary highlights.

One of the galleries at BACC has been completely renovated for the exhibition. New walls, and even a double-glazed door, have been installed, to display the Fine Arts Department artefacts.

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