10 March 2013

500 Must-See Films

500 Must-See Movies
Last Saturday and Sunday, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph published a two-part supplement titled 500 Must-See Films. Their 500 films include top-twenty lists chosen by the newspapers' film critics (Robbie Collin, David Gritten, Jenny McCartney, and Tim Robey) and categorised into genres (musical, comedy, western, British cinema, thriller, horror, biopic, animation, film noir, silent cinema, war, crime, directorial debut, children's non-animation, action, films about film, tearjerkers, sequels, science-fiction, and documentaries).

The critics' lists mostly contain foreign-language classics that don't fit into the main genre categories. There are actually only 499 films listed, as Out Of The Past mistakenly appears twice. The list is much more credible than The Sunday Telegraph's previous attempt, 100 Best Films. Contributor David Gritten was responsible for the 2008 Halliwell's Film Guide and the final nail in Halliwell's coffin, The Movies That Matter.


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