09 June 2009

Thai Rath

Thai Rath Thai Rath
On Saturday, the sensationalist Thai Rath newspaper published, on its front page, a photograph allegedly showing David Carradine's body at the scene of his death. (His body was discovered in his hotel wardrobe on Thursday.)

The image was partially censored, with a black moire pattern added to cover the body. (Incredibly, this pattern has led some international news sources, who have clearly not seen the photo, to claim that Carradine died wearing fishnet stockings.) The same image was also printed on an inside page with only slight pixelation.

Since the photograph was published, Carradine's family have threatened legal action against any subsequent reproduction. Consequently, no other publication has printed the image, and it has been removed from Thai Rath's website.

There is some speculation that the image is a fake, as it appears to show a relatively young man with black hair. The position of the corpse is consistent with police reports that Carradine was discovered hanged and tied up in an apparent act of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Several seemingly genuine photographs taken after Carradine's autopsy have appeared online, though they have not appeared in any print publications.