28 July 2007

2007 Bangkok International Film Festival

2007 Bangkok International Film Festival Shortbus

This year’s Bangkok International Film Festival finishes today. (It opened on 19th July at CentralWorld’s SF World cinema.) Today’s screenings include the graphic Shortbus (which would surely be cut if it was shown outside the festival) and Luis Buñuel’s scandalous Un chien andalou (showing as part of a Buñuel’s retrospective).

The festival was originally scheduled for February, and then postponed. The entire management team has been replaced, following extensive criticism of last year’s expensive follies (star guests who left as quickly as they arrived; corporate events that were abandoned after the first day), though it is still organised by the Tourism Authority, which is not an ideal situation. The only serious mistake this year was to withdraw the proposed opening film, Persepolis, after pressure from the Iranian government. The highlight was an uncut screening of Ploy (a cut version of which went on general release in Thailand earlier this year).