27 August 2023

This Is Not a Just Image, It Is Just an Image

Breathless This Is Not a Just Image, It Is Just an Image

A partial Jean-Luc Godard retrospective will take place in Chiang Mai next month, organised by Dude, Movie. In addition to his extraordinary film career, Godard was famous for his aphorisms, one of which (“ce n’est pas une image juste, c’est juste une image”) provides the title for the retrospective: This Is Not a Just Image, It Is Just an Image.

The season begins on 2nd September with Godard’s masterpiece, Breathless (À bout de souffle). Screenings on 2nd and 3rd September will take place at Halo House, and the retrospective concludes with rooftop screenings hosted by Untitled for Film at Chiang Mai University’s Department of Media Arts and Design from 7th–9th September.

Breathless is one of the most influential films ever made, and one of a handful of essential classics of world cinema. It will also be shown at Alliance Française in Bangkok on 13th September, and it has previously been shown in Bangkok twice: in 16mm in 2010, and at an open-air screening in 2011.

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Anonymous said...

Do you know if Breathless will be shown with English as well as Thai subtitles? Thanks

Matthew Hunt said...

It will only have English subtitles, not Thai.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much

Matthew Hunt said...

Halo House tickets: https://linktr.ee/dude.movie?fbclid=IwAR2e5Pl5AYtT8e0rfjUSLQYpDzxPuS0T0vVOw8WirinOz-Q4U-NWylZ7MfA
Alliance Fran├žaise tickets: https://afthailande.org/en/event-en/?eventId=1952

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