24 August 2023

Pink Flamingos

Pink Flamingos

The Thai Film Archive at Salaya will show the classic exploitation film Pink Flamingos on 17th September. Directed by John Waters, Pink Flamingos is a masterpiece of bad taste. On its first release, it was compared to Luis Buñuel’s notorious silent film Un chien andalou (‘an Andalusian dog’). Fifty years later, it remains the ultimate example of transgressive cinema.

Pink Flamingos was previously shown in Bangkok in 2017, without a censors’ rating. But for next month’s screening, it was submitted to the censors and, surprisingly, rated ‘20’ without cuts. This sets a new precedent, as Pink Flamingos features hardcore content—admittedly, it’s more parody than pornography—that has never been passed by the Thai censors before. (Thai Cinema Uncensored examines the history of sex in Thai films.)

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Thai Film Archive: https://www.fapot.or.th/main/cinema/view/2221

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