17 June 2023

Boy x Therapy

Boy x Therapy

Shotbyly’s exhibition of male nude photography Boy x Therapy opened on 8th June, though not at a traditional art gallery. Instead, his work is on display at Krubb, one of Bangkok’s gay saunas.

A bathhouse is an appropriate venue for Shotbyly’s homoerotic imagery and, as a semi-private space, it’s able to display his full-frontal photographs. In fact, Boy x Therapy is the most sexually explicit photography exhibition in Bangkok in recent memory, and the only comparable examples are Thunska Pansittivorakul’s Life Show (เปลือยชีวิต) and Tada Varich’s Story of the Eye, both from more than a decade ago.

Shotbyly is a pseudonym for Patthakarn Sadubtham, and his exhibition runs until 14th July. Ten additional photographs have been added since the opening; some postcards are also on display, which are available to buy in a limited edition of eight sets.

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