24 May 2019


Prontip Mankong’s prison diary, ‪มันทำร้ายเราได้แค่นี้แหละ (‘all they could do to us’), was published earlier this year. Prontip was jailed in 2015 for lèse-majesté, after she directed a play, The Wolf Bride (เจ้าสาวหมาป่า), which was performed at Thammasat University in 2013. She was released from prison in 2016.

The book, which is almost 900 pages long, reproduces notes Prontip wrote by hand while serving her sentence. Her boyfriend was interviewed about her conviction in the documentary Homogeneous, Empty Time (สุญกาล), and ห้องเช่าหมายเลข 112 (‘room no. 112 for rent’) profiles twenty-two fellow lèse-majesté prisoners.