12 March 2019


Double Life
The Undercover
The Bad Monks
Moral Boundary
Atta (อัตตา) opened at RCB Galleria in Bangkok on 2nd March, and runs until the end of the month. The exhibition features new works by Anupong Chantorn, whose painting Perceptless (ภิกษุสันดานกา) attracted controversy for its depiction of monks as scavenging birds. His solo exhibition Hope in the Dark (ความหวังในความมืด) included Moral Boundary (ชาย-ผ้าเหลือง), a painting of a monk with an erection.

Atta includes a less graphic study for Moral Boundary (ชาย-ผ้าเหลือง), and two preparatory sketches for Perceptless: สันดานกา ('native') and The Bad Monks (ภิกษุสันดานกา). There are also several new paintings, including Double Life (คู่จิ้นจีวรหลุด) and The Undercover (ใต้ผ้ากาสาวพัสตร์). Double Life depicts two monks in an embrace, and The Undercover is a portrait of a monk exposing himself; both were painted directly onto saffron robes. The folio-sized exhibition catalogue was edited by Wanida Rujikietkumjorn.

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