04 June 2016

National Enquirer

National Enquirer
The National Enquirer has broken two celebrity injunctions in the past few weeks: those granted to PJS (partner of YMA) and NEJ. The American supermarket tabloid has now breached a third injunction, by naming RA, who had obtained a High Court injunction to prevent the media reporting that he is being sued for sexual harassment by his hairdresser.

According to the Enquirer's issue dated 6th June, RA is YMA: Elton John obtained a second injunction after his hairdresser filed charges against him. The two-page article boasts that "The ENQUIRER takes the bold step of naming Elton's hairdresser" (John Fallows). It does not describe the alleged "sexual misconduct" in any detail, though the headline is clear enough: "HE TRIED TO GROPE ME!" (Similar charges brought by the singer's bodyguard have already been widely reported.)

The Enquirer also has its sights set on yet another injunction. In its issue dated 30th May, it described "sickening naked photos" of Ned Rocknroll, husband of Kate Winslet: "The Enquirer can reveal the shocking truth about the photos the celebrity twosome desperately fought to hide". The magazine does not have access to the images, and its article relies on unverified descriptions of them. (The photographs were injuncted in 2013, after The Sun newspaper attempted to publish them.)