13 July 2010

Toy Story II (3D)

Toy Story II
Toy Story II is generally regarded as one of the few sequels to improve upon the original, and its montage sequence, in which Jessie sings When She Loved Me, is especially popular. Personally, I prefer the groundbreaking first Toy Story film, and I thought Jessie's montage was cloyingly sentimental, but I loved the parody of The Empire Strikes Back with Zurg as Darth Vader.

The film was co-directed by John Lasseter (who directed the original Toy Story), Ash Brannon, and Lee Unkrich (who later directed Toy Story III). It has been rereleased in retrofitted 3D, alongside Toy Story. If you simply want to enjoy the film at the cinema again, the 3D is subtle and unobtrusive; however, there is something exploitative about charging higher ticket prices for negligible 3D.