18 March 2010


This Area Is Under Quarantine
Thunska Pansittivorakul's documentary This Area Is Under Quarantine, which was banned from last year's World Film Festival, will open the Cinema@MERZ film season at MERZ Art Space, Bangkok, on 27th March. The season will run until 24th April.

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Everyone loves Frank Capra said...

So, This means everyone can watch this film in that place?

I wish I could join this.

By the way, I just watched Glee ( The American TV series which won the golden globe awards for best comedy/musical TV series.) and I found it was awesome!

Forget about stupid High school musical. Glee is about some students who join glee club and they're all loser. Moreover, the story satirizes about the education system in American.

Matthew Hunt said...

Yes, it's open to the public. You can see the details here:


You need to reserve a ticket in advance, by contacting Thunska via Facebook.

I'm not familiar with Glee, but I hate High School Musical.

Everyone loves Frank Capra said...

Thanks FYI.

I'm not surprised that you hate HSM Trilogy and I guess I'll disappoint in you if you like its. lol

Matthew Hunt said...

555. Don't want to disappoint.

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