09 June 2008

100 X France

100 X France
Joseph Niepce
Etienne-Jules Marey
As part of the 4th Month of Photography for this year's La Fete festival, the Queen's Gallery in Bangkok is hosting 100 X France, an exhibition of 100 images from the history of French photography. The exhibition opened yesterday, and runs until 8th July.

The exhibition includes some of the most famous photographs ever taken, and a roll-call of the greatest photographers: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Man Ray, et al. The exhibition's poster features Theophile Feau's famous images of the Eiffel Tower in mid-construction. (Edouard Durandelle took a series of similar images, which were published in 1900.)

The earliest extant photographic image, an 1827 'heliograph' by Joseph Niepce (discovered by photographic historian Helmut Gernsheim) begins the exhibition. There is also an example of Etienne-Jules Marey's Chronophotographie. Photographs by several artists from other mediums are also included, such as a book cover by Marcel Duchamp and a portrait by Agnes Varda.