03 December 2007

The Lord Of The Rings
The Fellowship Of The Ring
(director's cut)

The Fellowship Of The Ring
The Fellowship Of The Ring is the first film in Peter Jackson's trilogy The Lord Of The Rings, based on the novels of JRR Tolkien. I did not see these films when they were originally released, though I am a huge fan of Jackson's earlier splatter films Bad Taste and Braindead. I saw his remake of King Kong last year, and it sapped away any enthusiasm I had to see The Lord Of The Rings.

Well, The Fellowship Of The Ring is so much better than King Kong. The entire cast is suberb, especially Ian McKellen as Gandalf. It's surprising that Orlando Bloom's character has so little dialogue, though presumably his role is expanded in the second and third installments. Though there is extensive CGI, the film also relies heavily on traditional effects such as matte paintings and miniatures. Logistically, the trilogy is surely one of the most complex film projects ever undertaken, as the three films were produced simultaneously, with multiple units.

The result is stunning. I only wish I could feel the same enthusiasm for Jackson's King Kong.