Saturday, 29 February 2020

Thai Film Archive

Dang Bireley's and Young Gangsters
A Streetcar Named Desire
An impressive new library and cinema will open at the Thai Film Archive in Salaya next month. The Archive has always maintained an extensive collection of Thai and English film books, though it was previously housed in a Portakabin. Screenings at the new cinema include A Streetcar Named Desire (featuring one of Marlon Brando’s greatest performances) on 15th March, and the Thai New Wave classic Dang Bireley’s and Young Gangsters [sic] (2499 อันธพาลครองเมือง) on 7th and 20th March. All screenings are free, and the cinema and Cherd Songsri Library are both located in a new building named after Prince Thongthaem Thavalyawongse.

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Matthew Hunt said...

The 20th March screening of Dang Bireley’s and Young Gangsters was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.