Thursday, 1 December 2016

Derek Jarman Month

Bangkok's Jam Cafe is hosting a short Derek Jarman retrospective this month. Derek Jarman Month begins on 7th December with Sebastiane (1976), which was the first (and perhaps only) film with dialogue spoken entirely in Latin. Sebastiane caused a minor scandal in the UK when Channel 4 accidentally broadcast its erection scene uncut, during the documentary Sex & The Censors (1991).

Derek Jarman Month is programmed by Brian Curtin. Jam's previous seasons have included Czech New Wave Month, Seduction Month, Dreams Month, Forking Paths Month, Resizing Month, Banned Month, Doppelganger Month, American Independent Month, Anime Month, 'So Bad It's Good' Month, Philip Seymour Hoffman Month, and Noir Month.

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