Friday, 25 December 2009

What Is Design?

What Is Design?
Citroen DS1
An expanded version of TCDC's What Is Design? opened on 21st November. The former exhibition's VW Beetle has been replaced by a Citreon DS1, and recent examples of Thai product design have been added to the collection.

The collection is organised geographically, according to the 'genius loci' (Genius Of The Place) principle. It's scheduled to run until 31st November 2016.

2 comment(s):

. said...

The Beetle is in fact a superb example of bad design. The engine's at the wrong end, fer crissakes. If it wasn't, all cars would have the engine in the trunk. Affects handling adversely in all kinds of ways. Designed by Hitler (yeah yeah, I know ...)

The DS is just gorgeous though. there's a concours condition model for sale in Sakhorn Nakhorn.

Matthew Hunt said...

Agreed, the DS is a superior design to the Beetle, and I imagine it would be much more pleasant to drive. And, yeah, no unfortunate Nazi connotations from the DS.