Friday, 2 January 2009

Dirty Words

Dirty Words
Dirty Words: A Literary Encyclopedia Of Sex, edited by Ellen Sussman, consists of almost 100 chapters, each of which discusses a different 'dirty' word. The chapters are more anecdotal than literary, but it's great that a serious book on this subject has been published, especially with an uncensored cover.

In his chapter on one of the words (yes, that one), Jonathan Wilson quotes a paragraph verbatim from my website without any attribution. The editor has already confirmed that I'll be referenced properly when the book is reprinted.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I am using a quotation from your text the reappropriation of the c-word in my studies, but I need the year it was made... can you e-mail it to me or answer this comment? thanks a lot, and btw I enjoyed reading your stuff!

-Sara Milazzo

Matthew Hunt said...

Hi Sara,

I originally wrote it in 2000, but it has been updated regularly since then.

Thanks for your comment.


and the paragraph was...