Sunday, 1 June 2008

Italian Film Festival 2008

Italian Film Festival 2008
My Voyage To Italy
Bangkok's Lido cinema will host the Italian Film Festival 2008 later this month, from 18th to 25th June. One of the highlights will be Martin Scorsese's documentary My Voyage To Italy (20th and 25th June). Scorsese's documentary (in the style of his earlier A Personal Journey Through American Movies) is a four-hour tribute to Italian cinema, from Cabiria to Federico Fellini. Scorsese's most passionate comments are reserved for Neorealist classics such as Rome: Open City and Bicycle Thieves.

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celinejulie said...

When I first heard that the Italian Film Festival at Lido will be held nearly as the same time as the French Film Festival at Central World Plaza, I felt worried. However, I have arranged my schedule and found that I can attend every French film in the festival, but will miss two films in the Italian Film Festival. I think I will have to miss MY VOYAGE TO ITALY and WHAT I’M DOING HERE.

There is also a DISABILITY FILM FESTIVAL & SEMINAR 2008 held at Floor 22, Central World, on 20-21 June, from 10.00-19.00 hrs. I don’t know why three film festivals are held in the same weekend like this. I think I won’t attend the Disability Film Festival.

In case you are curious, the details about Disability Film Festival in Thai can be found here: