Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Hunden I Konsten

Lars Vilks has portrayed Mohammed as a 'rondellhund' ('roundabout dog', a stylised canine sculpture which appears on Swedish roundabouts) in a series of drawings. They were removed from the Hunden I Konsten exhibition in Tallberg, Sweden, on the opening day. The excuse given was that the drawings, like the Danish cartoon caricatures of Mohammed, might be too provocative.

Terrorist organisation Al Qaeda has pledged up to $150,000 as a reward for the murder of Lars Vilks. Additionally, a bounty of $50,000 has been placed on Ulf Johansson, whose newspaper Nerikes Allehanda printed the images on 18th August and has subsequently reprinted them twice (28th August and 16th September).

The cartoons have also appeared in other Swedish newspapers, including Aftonbladet (20th August), Sydsvenskan (24th August), Barometern (22nd August), Dagens Nyheter (22nd August), Expressen, and Uppsala Nya Tidning.


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