Friday, 3 July 2015

Politieke Partijen

Last week, Dutch politician Geert Wilders showed several Mohammed cartoons as part of a party political broadcast on television. The two-minute clip contained cartoons from the Muhammad Art Exhibit held in Texas earlier this year. (The exhibition was organised by the anti-Islamic AFDI; Wilders has campaigned against Islamic culture in the Netherlands, and he was a guest speaker at the AFDI event.)

The broadcast was originally scheduled for 21st June, though apparently the television station transmitted the wrong tape by mistake. It was shown on 24th June on NPO1, and was repeated today on NPO2. The clip is needlessly provocative, though it's less inflammatory than Fitna, the highly offensive short film that Wilders produced in 2009.

[This year's most famous Mohammed cartoon, Charlie Hebdo's January cover illustration, appears in the August issue of Vanity Fair, the current issue (dated 16th August) of Stern, and Liz McQuiston's new book Visual Impact: Creative Dissent In The 21st Century. Cartoonist Renald Luzier (known as Luz) has said that he will not draw Mohammed again, and editor-in-chief Laurent Sourisseau has confirmed that no new Mohammed cartoons will be printed in Charlie Hebdo.]

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