Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Quote of the day...

Army spokesman Weerachon Sukhonthapatiphak gave a press conference at the FCCT in Bangkok today. Weerachon rejected the word 'coup', and instead described it euphemistically as an "intervention"; he insisted that people were "invited", rather than 'detained', by the military; and he claimed that former PM Yingluck was free to leave after less than a day.

Yingluck was actually held for a few days before being released, and all detainees are forbidden from discussing any aspect of their captivity. Previous quotes of the day: doublespeak from Prayuth, an Election Commissioner agues against an election, hypocrisy from Suthep, Prayuth discusses the GT200, a PAD leader says Thailand should be more like North Korea, the ICT Minister openly admits to violating the Computer Crime Act, and a patronising Ministry of Culture official.

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