Thursday, 13 October 2011

Expanded Cinema

Expanded Cinema
Expanded Cinema: Art, Performance, Film, edited by AL Rees, David Curtis, Duncan White, and Steven Ball, is a historical survey of film beyond conventional, theatrical, narrative features. The title is borrowed from Gene Youngblood's 1969 Expanded Cinema, a utopian manifesto for the future of film as an immersive, multi-media experience.

Youngblood's title was itself inspired by Stan van der Beek's essay Culture: Intercom & Expanded Cinema, and Rees et al. credit van der Beek as a pioneer of ambient filmmaking (and reprint an illustrated version of Culture:Intercom). They also profile New American Cinema founder Jonas Mekas, and early video artist Carolee Schneemann, amongst others.

There is some overlap with new-media art and video art (discussed by Michael Rush in his books New Media In Art and Video Art). Underground filmmaking (Subversion) and art cinema (Art Cinema; Film As A Subversive Art, by Amos Vogel) are also closely connected.

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