Friday, 8 January 2010


An attempted attack on cartoonist Kurt Westergaard was reported by news outlets around the world last week, though only a single newspaper has reprinted the cartoon which provoked the attack. An armed man was arrested after breaking into Westergaard's house on 1st January; this is the second attempt on the cartoonist's life, as a plot to murder Westergaard was uncovered in 2008.

Westergaard's caricature of Mohammed with a bomb was the most controversial of twelve cartoons published by Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in 2005 and reprinted internationally in 2006. Westergaard's cartoon was reprinted in isolation by several Danish newspapers in 2008 and broadcast by the BBC in 2007.

Today, the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten published five of the original dozen cartoons, including Westergaard's, though no other newspapers have reprinted them this time.

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