Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sex No Go

Sex No Go
A Thai student magazine promoting sex education, distributed by Kasetsart University and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, was withdrawn and destroyed earlier this month. The magazine, Sex No Go, which was originally published in January, featured a sexual image of Mohammed and his wife Aisha, depicted as Lego characters.

The Lego picture actually shows two Israelites, and was created by The Brick Testament website; it was used as a Mohammed parody in 2006, one of many satirical Mohammed images produced following the controversy surrounding twelve Mohammed caricatures published by Jyllands-Posten.

Mohammed married Aisha when she was a child; their relationship has previously been portrayed in a Dutch cartoon and an American novel. Mohammed has also been depicted in other sexual situations: with Jesus, in a Canadian magazine; and with Jesus, Moses, and Buddha, in an Israeli magazine.

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eirelav said...

I think the lego poster is creative! Seems to me that Thailand's strict censorship rules may end up stifling the creativity of its people. Does censorship applies only to political and educational issues?

Matthew Hunt said...

I think that Mohammed picture would be withdrawn in any country (except maybe Denmark), to avoid possible repercussions.

Anonymous said...

In an effort to get accurate information disseminated about this LEGO Mohammed image: the original image was not intended to depict Mohammed at all, but (ironically enough) ancient Jews.

It is from The Brick Testament website which is an attempt to illustrate the entire Bible in LEGO. The photo can be seen in its original context here:


Some unknown person took this image without the permission of the creator of The Brick Testament and altered it to appear as though it is an official LEGO set and as if it was intended to depict Mohammed.

Matthew Hunt said...


I already explained the origin of the image in my post, referencing The Brick Testament.