Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Hacienda Must Be Built

Return To Point Just What Is It That Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing?
Chulalonghorn University's Art Centre will host an exhibition by Australian artist Arlo Mountford later this month. The show, titled The Hacienda Must Be Built, opens on 21st April and closes on 30th May. It features Mountford's video installation Return To Point, which consists of animations based on canonical artworks, including a Richard Hamilton collage (Just What Is It That Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing?).

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Siriwat Pokrajen said...

(Message from The Art Center's PR team)

Excerpt from the script of Return to Form: NDINAVIA

5. Medium Side – both Bear and Deer are walking Deer speaks towards end of shot.

Deer: By producing an uncompromised vision of the initial idea I wanted to expose the audience’s faith in the artist.

6. Medium – both Bear and Deer walking, talking.

Bear: But this is an old idea, Manzoni did this most succinctly – why am I a Bear?’
Deer: You’re a Bear because you’re a direct reference to some Swiss artists, that and I like salmon – shit is succinct, but once it betrays the audiences trust it doesn’t attempt to rebuild it.
Bear: So you do like the audience.
Deer: Yes, but there should always be conflict.


Wanderer: [Whilst picking up picnic supplies from behind rock] The work exists regardless of audience. Responsibility lies in perseverance, maintaining that initial vision and following through till it is achieved
Bear: [Carrying Picnic Basket, following Wanderer] But once the idea is verbalized, doesn’t it change? Isn’t that process?’
Wanderer: No it is a record, documentation of the idea.
Bear: [putting down Basket ] Are you saying the construct of language has no impact upon the work?
Wanderer: [Spreading out picnic Blanket] But It’s not the work, the spoken or written word is merely documentation of the idea, the work is the initial vision.
Bear: [Helping lay out Picnic Blanket, Deer sits down]] But if the initial idea is the work and the work exists regardless of the audience – Why make the work?


Don't forget to visit the exhibition to find out the answer to the aforementioned question as well as other notions on art and artists at "The Hacienda Must be Built".

Artist Talk starts at 4pm on April 21, followed by an opening reception at 6.30pm.